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<references group="note"/>
<references group="note"/>
==External Links==
==External Links==
*[http://www.murusou-club.com/ Musoryu Club]
*[http://nakaakira.com/ NakaAkira]
*[http://murusou-club.com/ja/nakaakira/ blog]

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Akira Naka

Naka (奈加) family name, Akira (あきら) first name, male, (1959-)


Alternate Name(s)



1990s: Participated in the activities of Kinbiken, a group organized by Chimuo Nureki[note 1]

2005: Hospitalized due to a heart attack[1]

2006: Co-founded the AV CORE label with TOHJIRO of DOGMA.

2008: Founded Muruso Club, Circle of Akira Naka Kinbaku.

2009: Started Studio Amadas with Mr. M. in Tokyo.

2010: Bound Kyoko Aizome in her retirement film, entitled Dorei-sen (written by Oniroku Dan and directed by Kei Kaneda in 2010. Shin-Toho)

Interesting Point(s)

Selected Works


  • Akira Naka 『責め縄緊縛術-入門編-(Seme-nawa kinbaku methods - introducttory -)』(DL, 2011)


  1. Naka's blog


  1. "When I was about 30 years old, I discovered Kinbiken organized by Chimuo Nureki, and was amazed by the kinbaku of Chimuo Nureki. After that, I respected him as my master, and am trying to succeed his kinbaku. At the same time, I established my own "Naka-style" of Kinbaku." (based on Naka's HP)

External Links