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Brook (family name); Clover (first name) Female, 1986-


Photographer, Performer, Blogger, Teacher. Clover was born and raised in Ireland and currently resides in England. She was involved in private SM activities for a few years before appearing on the public scene in 2010. She manages a websites dedicated to rope bondage. She often performs and shoots with the kinbakushi WykD Dave.

Alternate Name(s)

Clover Clover Brook


2010: Began to give public performances; began producing a series of kinbaku photo shoots in collaboration with kinbakushi WykD Dave.

2011: Performed at Twisted Leprechaun, Ireland's inaugural kink convention; performed at the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage.

2012: Began performing and teaching more extensively overseas; began producing kink content for commercial publications.

2015: Was one of the leading organisers of the LFRA (London Festival or Rope Art) with her partner WykD Dave.

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