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Akechi (family name), Denki (first name), September 11, 1940 - July 17, 2005


Kinbakushi. Active from the 1980s until early 2000s. Developed many bondage techniques in pursuit of the beauty of Kinbaku, influenced many other Kinbakushi, resulting in the 'bondage boom' of the 1990s.

Alternate Name(s)

明智伝鬼(Japanese), Akechi Denoni


1940s: While in lower grade at elementary school excited by witnessing girlfriend tied to a tree in the playground.

c1949: Elementary school Grade 3 - along with school friends exposed to SM and bondage magazines Kitan Club, The Decameron and Uramado in the local rental bookstore.

1950s: Junior high school - rented SM magazines from local bookstore to lend to other pupils where they would study the images and practise tying.

c1956: Parent's company goes bankrupt. Has first surgery for heart disease and informed he will not live to the age of 30.

c1957: Ties first woman, a café waitress.

1957: Works in the construction business.

1958: Becomes independent craftsman.

1959: Begins private Kinbaku.

1970: Has heart surgery. Prior to surgery, told he has less than a year to live.

1978: Comes into contact with Denjiro Sakurada and Shin Sakurada at GSG Planning and starts Kinbaku performances, including SM Bomber where many witness and absorb his Kinbaku techniques.

1980s: Prolific live performer and appears in many Kinbaku videos.

1985: Takes over Denjiro Sakurada's shows on his retirement from performing.

July 87: Opens Studio Phantom in Shibuya for photo sessions.

September 1987: Begins SM experimental Kinbaku theatre at Studio Phantom, once a month, and then twice from January 1988 until June 1997.

1989: Launches General Member outdoor photo sessions on an irregular basis.

1996: Founds Bakutomo-kai with Takumi Miura. Starts in-depth research of classical rope tying techniques.

Nov 27-Dec 3, 1996: - Performs "SM Techno Obsession (James Bondage - To Die Twice)" at Dotonbori Theater, Shibuya. Planning: Takasu Motojin, Yano HiroshiYu. Script: Morizono Milk. Director: Kannonzaki Gootto.

June 1997: Performs at Nakano Queen (oldest SM club).

August 1997: Opened Ya woolen cloth business in Setagaya, and devots more time to the interior design industry.

November 1997: Appears in Department H.

1998: Japan Cultural Design Conference (Akita).

Jul 25-Aug 1 1998: Netherlands tour with Katsuragi Ayano, Banta Ryosuke, Takao Nakano and Kuromuchi Hyōko. Jul 25 performs at Club Doma with Katsuragi Ayano.

Selected Works


  • 『縛りの極意("Secret of Shibari")』(Clean Bunny Mots Corporation, 1997)



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