Denki Akechi

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Akechi (family name), Denki (first name), September 11, 1940 - July 17, 2005


Kinbakushi. Active from the 1980s until early 2000s. Developed many bondage techniques in pursuit of the beauty of Kinbaku, influenced many other Kinbakushi, resulting in the 'bondage boom' of the 1990s.

Alternate Name(s)

明智伝鬼(Japanese), Akechi Denoni


1949: First exposed to bondage through Kitan Club.

1957: Worked in the construction business.

1959: Began private shibari.

1970: Had heart surgery. Prior to surgery, he was told he had less than a year to live.

1978: Came into contact with Denjiro Sakurada and started kinbaku performance.

1980s: Was a prolific performer/nawashi in shibari videos.

1998: Performed in The Netherlands.

Selected Works


  • 『縛りの極意("Secret of Shibari")』(Clean Bunny Mots Corporation, 1997)



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