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Kinbakushi, Performer

Alternate Name(s)

HaruTsubaki (Japanese), Haru Tsubaki, 春椿 (Japanese), Camelia


2001 Started my ropes experience on my own.

2010: Started my shibari training with one week workshop with Steve Osada in Barcelona.

2011: Continued my shibari training at Steve Osada advanced workshops in Barcelona.

2012 Apr: Attended to Ranki Kazami’s one week workshop organized by Esinem in London.

2012 Aug: Attended Haruki Yukimura workshop at the Copenhagen Shibari Dojo organized by Yukinaga Max.

2012 Oct: Launched KinbakuMania.com website to share quality shibari material translated into Spanish Language.

2013 Mar/Apr: One month intensive tuition at Steve Osada’s honbu Dojo in Tokyo Japan.

2013 Mar/Apr: Received tuition from Haruki Yukimura at his honbu Dojo in Tokyo Japan.

2013 Apr: Performed at Indigo, UbuBar, and PinkCrystal bar in Tokyo, Japan.

2013 Apr: Received my 6th kyu certificate from Steve Osada and was entitled to start teaching the basics and named Tsubaki by him.

2013 Oct: One week intensive training with Yukinaga Max at Copenhagen Shibari Dojo.

2014 Apr: Attended to a one week intensive workshop with Kanna in Barcelona.

2014 Apr 5th: Performed at Shibari Experience exhibition at the Club Social Rosas 5

2014 May 18th: Founded KinbakuMania Shibari Dojo based in Buenos Aires Argentina, as the first place oriented to teach traditional and traceable shibari kinbaku in Latin America.

2014 Aug: One week intensive training with Yukinaga Max at Copenhagen Shibari Dojo.

2014 Aug/Sep: One and a half month intensive training at Steve Osada and Haruki Yukimura honbu dojos in Japan including a visit to Takumi Miura’s “Ability Studio“

2014 Aug 31st: Haruki Yukimura recognized me as one of his stundents naming me HaruTsubaki after his own name.

2014 Sep: Steve Osada granted me a fourth kyu certificate.

2015 Nov: Created the Shibari Attack concept based in collective shibari creations with a clear influence of Kinoko Hajime’s style.

2016: Several performances and photo sessions done in Buenos Aires city.

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