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Saotome (早乙女) family name, Hiromi (宏美) first name

Hiromi Saotome from S&M Hunter(1986)

Hiromi Saotome is best known as an actress in SM films. She is also known for self-bondage and seppuku performances. She has appeared in films produced by Nikkatsu and Shin-Toho. Her trademark seems to have been hanging in bondage from high places. In the film S&M Hunter, for example, she was nude, bound and raised high into the air by a crane. In another, she hung from a footbridge high above a gorge in rural Japan. She is also reputed to have hung from a bridge in Shibuya for a photo shoot. She was once a columnist for the now-defunct magazine, S&M Sniper. Currently, she is the resident mama-san of the fetish bar Black Heart in Tokyo's Ginza district.


Actress, Model, Writer.

Alternate Name(s)

早乙女宏美 (Japanese)


1980: Joins SM club SAMM founded by Shigeru Kayama.

1983: Appears in her first pink film.

1984: Appears in her first Nikkatsu film.

1986: Appears in S&M Hunter directed by Shuji Kataoka and co-starring Shiro Shimomoto.

1986: Works as a performance model for Eikichi Osada at live bondage shows.

2009: Becomes the mama-san of SM Club Black Heart

Interesting point(s)

  • Around 2005, Saotome sponsored the Wakamatsu Theater SM convention.[1]
  • Saotome was affiliated with Hayashi Kikaku, which operated strip clubs in Wakamatsu, Omiya, Koriyama and Nishikawaguchi.[1]
  • She began her career at a young age in 1983.

Selected Works


  • Hiromi's This is SM (2000)
  • Sex Workers (1998)
  • Roman Porno Actresses (2006)
  • Seppuku Book 1-9 (2008)


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