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Montreal based French Kinbakushi. (1961- )

Isabelle Hanikamu



Alternate Name(s)

井佐鐘 (含羞む)(イザベル)


1992: Discovers Shibari when working for adult film industry.

2009: Decides to fully live her kink.

2013: Creates Kinbaku dojo Montreal and promotes local workshops.

2013: Manages Bondage Picnic in Montreal.

2013: First appearance at Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza (MBE).

2014: First encounter with Akira Naka in Berlin.

2014: Performs at Club Sin, Montreal.

2014: Performs at MBE Toronto (2nd appearance).

2014: Travels to Japan to become student of Akira Naka in Roppongi.

2014: Isabelle is entitled to teach Naka-style by Akira Naka.

2015: Kinbaku dojo Montreal has a new place.

2015: Performs and teaches at Montreal Fetish Weekend.

2015: First encounter with Yoi Yoshida at SM Bar -mitsu- in Tokyo.

2015: Works with Cirque les 7 doigts de la main for the scene “Anne & Samuel” in “Triptyque”, a duet directed by Marie Chouinard.

2016: Begins to teach abroad (North America & Europe).

2016: Performs with Aizen Kaguya in Berlin Schwelle for Eurix Spring 2016.

2016: Performs with Kitty Rea at Bound U.K.

2016: Performs with Akira Naka in Baltimore (USA) on October 7th.

2016: Performs at Onawa Asobi.

Interesting point(s)

Involved in performances, private sessions, workshops/classes.

Devoted to Akira Naka style since her beginnings.

Isabelle first joined the Japanese Rope Bondage community at middle age and quickly became involved professionally in said community. She created her school “Kinbaku Gakkō” (formerly Kinbaku dojo Montreal) to teach to people from Province of Quebec.



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