Master "K"

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Master "K"


Writer, lecturer, historian, archivist, teacher

Alternate Name(s)

Master "K"(Japanese)


Master "K" is a California-based writer, historian and kinbakushi. He has published two books, Shibari: The Art of Japanese Bondage and The Beauty of Kinbaku. It was announced in June 2010 that his latter work would also be published in Japan in 2011. Master "K" first went to Japan in the 1970s as a student. He studied the art of rope tying in the Japanese style and also collected written materials on the subject of kinbaku. He currently has in his archives complete runs, or near-complete runs, of Kitan Club magazine, Uramado magazine and numerous other periodicals. He also is knowledgeable concerning art and has in his collection works from Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi and Seiu Ito. In addition to writing, he continues to make research trips to Japan, lecture on the art and history of kinbaku and teach private students.

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