Riccardo Sergnese

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Riccardo Sergnese

Rome-based Italian kinbakushi and photographer.


Kinbakushi, Photographer.

Alternate Name(s)

Riccardo Sergnese, Riccardo WildTies


Introduced to BDSM in his thirties.

A couple of years later he discovers rope, and especially Japanese rope bondage that he starts to study and practice.

2011: Performs at "Seiu Ito Kinbaku Classroom" in Italy. Begins Kinbaku Classroom with Stefano Laforgia.

2012: Performs at Hyeres in France.

2012: Presented photos at Houston FotoFest Biennial Expo.

2012: Participated at "Bound" in London.

2012: Participated at "The London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage."

2012: Performs by invitation at "Bondage Week" in Moscow.

2012: Begins performing and teaching throughout all Europe.

2014: Attends the "Akira Naka Kai" at Studio6 Club in Tokyo, Japan.

2015: Akira Naka officially recognized him as an apprentice.

Interesting point(s)

Involved in public performances, private sessions, workshops/classes.



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