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Tsukamoto=(塚本) family name, Tetsuzo=(鉄三) first name


Photographer. Kinbakushi. Tsukamoto continually published work in Kitan Club magazine from its early days until its final issue in March, 1975.

Alternate Name(s)



1950: Tsukamoto begins doing bondage photography around this time.

1953 (Jul): Tsukamoto is in charge of photography for "Utsukushiki Imashime 1." Bondage by Kou Minomura. Published by Akebono Shobo (which published Kitan Club magazine at this time).

1953 (Dec): Tsukamoto is in charge of photography for "Utsukushiki Imashime 2." Bondage by Takashi Tsujimura. Published by Akebono Shobo.

1961: "The Reality of Bondage Photography" series begins in the June issue of Kitan Club.

1963: "Camera Report" series begins in In October issue of Kitan Club.

1975: "Camera and Pen SM Reportage" runs until the final March issue.

Interesting point(s)

  • Tsukamoto took photos of strippers for advertising at Osaka's Southern D strip club[1].
  • Hiroshi Urado says, "Tsukamoto often used striped ropes, but it was core of the bag rope[2]."
  • Tsukamoto's favorite model was Fusako Sekiya[3].

Selected Works


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