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裏窓 (Japanese)

Uramado. Dec 1963 Special Issue.


SM magazine created by the famous SM illustrator Reiko Kita (Toshiyuki Suma) three years after leaving Kitan Club magazine. Uramado featured illustrated stories, articles on sexuality and nude photo galleries (both SM and vanilla).

Publishing Dates


Publisher(s) and Editor(s)

Publisher: Kubo Shoten

Editor: Toshiyuki Suma

Editor: Chimuo Nureki


Uramado. March 1957

1956: Uramado founded by Toshiyuki Suma.

1957 (Mar): Alluring Evil Adulteresses Special Issue.

1957: Chimuo Nureki publishes "Blue-headed Man" under the alias Toyokichi Iida.

1962: Chimuo Nureki becomes editor-in-chief.

1966: The January issue is Uramado's final issue.

Interesting point(s)

Uramado started under the name "Kappa" in January 1956, and changed to Uramado in October.

Toshiyuki Suma illustrated for Uramado under the names Reiko Kita and Kou Minomura.


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