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==Alternate Name(s)==
==Alternate Name(s)==
[http://smpedia.com/index.php?title=WykD Dave WykD Dave] Dave Rickman; WykD Dave Rickman
[http://smpedia.com/index.php?title=WykD_Dave WykD Dave] Dave Rickman; WykD Dave Rickman

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WykD Dave

Rickman=family name; Dave=first name (male, 1968-20xx)


Kinbakushi, photographer, blogger. WykD Dave was involved in private SM activities for many years before appearing on the public scene in 2009. He manages two websites dedicated to rope bondage and is active on the FetLife social media forum as well as Twitter. He studied Japanese shibari with Osada Steve believing it was important to learn from someone with actual knowledge of the Japanese technique. He often collaborates with the photographer Clover.

Alternate Name(s)

WykD Dave Dave Rickman; WykD Dave Rickman


c.1988: Active in private SM play for many years before he began publishing his photographic works in 2009

2009: Began tying for photo shoots as well as in clubs; studied with Osada Steve in order to learn Japanese shibari technique Source footnote: “This experience was a revelation and resulted in a complete reconstruction of my tying style and approach.” (from a personal conversation)

2010: Began to give public performances; began producing a series of kinbaku photo shoots in collaboration with Clover Photography

2011: Taught at Shibaricon in Chicago, USA; taught and performed at Twisted Leprechaun, Ireland's inaugural kink convention; performed at the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage; taught at the LFAJRB in collaboration with Hajime Kinoko; taught and performed at LegArti, Italy's first international rope event

2012: Began performing and teaching more extensively overseas; began producing kink content for commercial publications

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